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Active Information - A non-technical business reference site

Non-Technical Reference

This site is a non-technical reference site covering important business issues and topics affecting organizations today. It has very active content, so re-visit the site frequently.

Check out this active web site resource to find the information you need to improve the efficiency of your organization. Keep up to date with new software solutions such as mobile handheld data collection.

Hot Topics & Discussions

Read about the current hot topics such as paper reduction and environmentally friendly use of resources along with new government initiatives. The site also offers software advice relevant to industries such as housing, building & construction, oil & gas, healthcare & education and government agencies.

Business Solutions

We will be reviewing modern software solutions and state of the art technology and will be publishing our recommendations on this site regularly. If you have any suggestions, topics or products that you want us to review just add a link to you site and then contact us.